Savin' Livez
  • designed by firefighters

    reflective rescue decals to try and help save lives of people and pets

    About Us

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    Our Company

    Savin' Livez, LLC was created in 2017 by Scott Schill for the purpose of creating products that could possibly help save the lives of people and pets through high visibility notification. Scott is a past fire chief with over 35 years of fire and ems experience. We will attempt to create products that clearly indicate a street address, or the presence of people or pets. 

    Our products will include reflective rescue decals that when displayed will indicate the presence of people or pets that may need to be rescued in case of fire or other emergencies. This will include rescue decals  for children, pets, and disabled people. We also offer emergency contact key fobs with detachable wallet cards that indicated a disabled person or pet is home alone in case you become sick or injured. We sincerely hope these products can help Save Lives.


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    Savin' Livez

    Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States

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