downtown building fire

Good Intent

Products created or sold by Savin' Livez, LLC are sold with the good intent of displaying an awareness of people or animals that may require assistance from emergency responders. Disclaimer

Savin' Livez, LLC cannot nor will it attempt to make any type of promise or guarantee that any or all emergency responders will notice or act differently just because a product sold by Savin' Livez, LLC is purchased or displayed.

Savin' Livez, LLC was created for the purpose of creating products that could possibly help save the lives of people and pets through high visibility notification. 

We will attempt to create products and clearly indicate an address, and or the presence of pets or disabled people. 


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Savin' Livez, LLC harmless from all actual or alleged liability, loss, damage, cost and expense, including actual attorney's fees and court costs, to third parties resulting from your breach of this agreement, or from the use of the goods while such goods are in your or your end-user's possession or control.

In addition, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold Savin' Livez, LLC harmless from any and all liability, loss, damage, cost or expense, including actual attorney's fees and court costs, which Savin' Livez, LLC may suffer or incur arising from any patent, trademark or copyright infringement arising from this contract, actual or alleged. 

Our Products

Products created and sold by Savin' Livez, LLC are designed by actual fire-ems responders for the purpose of creating an awareness of the fact that help may be needed. Our products are intended to be hi-vis and we will attempt to market the existence of our products to fire-ems departments and responders  as an effort to save lives of people and animals by recognition.

Terms of Sale

Unless otherwise indicated, the terms  on this page apply to all sales made by Savin' Livez LLC dba Savin Livez, its subsidiaries, and its affiliates, to you, the purchaser.  By finalizing an order and transmitting payment or receiving the goods, you agree to be bound by these terms of sale. These terms may be modified in the future. 

If our order does not satisfy you, contact us at support@savinlivez.com within 7 days of the delivery of your item(s) to discuss the options.

Shipping / Delivery Terms

Processing begins the day that you complete your purchase. Most stock items are shipped in 1-3 days. Unexpected delays such as disasters, weather, power outages, and family emergencies could slow delivery time of your order. Will will attempt to ship all orders within 7 business days of in stock items. If you have not received your order within 14 business days after purchase, please notify us at support@savinlivez.com and will discuss the options.

We off FREE SHIPPING on all orders that total $19.99 or more, and a Flat Rate shipping charge of $2.00 for all other orders.

We base shipping charges on carrier and packaging costs. We do not charge any handling fees. 

Endorsement Disclaimer

Any photos shown on this website or the Savin' Livez, LLC Facebook page do not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation, or favoring of our products by the official Fire or EMS Department , city, township, commonwealth, state, or government agency.