Savin' Livez
  • Giving Back to the Community

    Donation of items

    This company was started to create and offer products that could possibly help save the lives of people and pets through notification. I hate the thought of someone that would want to use our products but can't, because they can't afford to purchase the item. I plan to donate some of our products to people or shelters in need when possible.

    If you know a person or shelter that could use our products to help identify the presence of pets or disabled people, then please contact us and let us know the situation. Use the contact form below. We will need to know the name of the shelter, or the name of the person, and their mailing address.  Please include a brief description of how our products could help, and why they cannot afford to purchase them.

    Similar Products

    Other companies offer similar products and due to the success of ours, no doubt more will attempt to produce these type of items for people and pets. 

    To that we say, JUST SAVE LIVES. 

    Of course we want you to buy our stuff, but if you choose a similar product from our competitor and it helps save a live of a person or pet, then thats what really matters. Just do something to make it known that a person or pet may need help.

    Fire Department Grants

    Our products could possible qualify for some type of local, state, or federal grant so that your fire department could purchase these items and give them away free to residents in your community or to people and animal shelters. 

    Check with for more information about Fire Prevention & Safety Grant guidelines and program contacts.

    Contact your local and or state elected officials to see if your department is eligible for any revenue sharing type of grant monies for the purpose of saving lives through notification of people or pets.

    Corporate Sponsors

    Another possible source of revenue to purchase our items for your fire department to give away is to have a local business purchase them for you as a donation. They can purchase the items from us, then donate them to your department so that you can distribute them to the community free of charge.

    Donate to Your Local Shelter

    DO YOU know a local people or animal shelter in your area that could use our products?  

    Then why don't you purchase some items and then take them down and donate them to them. Great idea for senior centers, homeless shelters, and pet shelters. They will surely appreciate the donation and they will know exactly who gave the items to them.

    Insurance Agents

    If you are a local insurance agent then why not purchase some of these items and hand them out to your valued clients. You will be sending a great public relations message to your customers that you care about the well-being of them and their pets.

    Giving Back