Pet Safety Tips


Use Flameless Candles

NEVER leave pets around an open flame candle, open fireplace, fire pit, or wood stove. Pets are curious, and can injure themselves or even start a fire if left around these items.

Smoke Alarms

make sure you have working smoke and or CO detectors installed on every floor of the occupied structure.

  1. Test the alarm monthly.
  2. Replace the batteries at least once every year.
  3. Replace the entire smoke alarm every 10 years.

When Cooking

Keep your pets out of the area when cooking. Teach your animals NOT to jump on stoves or counters even when appliances are not being used. This will help keep them away from stoves, grills, pans and other items that could be hot.

Knob covers can be purchased for your stove that can prevent your pet from accidentally turning on your stove.

Create a Safer House for your Pets

Keep hazards away from pet paws and jaws. Try and hide flammable liquids or poisons, and keep electrical cords hidden or out of reach if possible. pet safety tips

Have a Plan

Have a plan for where to take your pet in case of an emergency at your home. Keep transport cages readily available in case you have to evacuate your home due to fire or weather. 

Make sure and notify friends or family if your pets have to be left home alone when you travel. Have a key fob on your key ring and an emergency contact card in your wallet so that someone can care for your pets if you become sick or injured.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Assemble an emergency kit for your pets that includes enough supplies to last for several days. Include: medications and a copy of vaccination records, leashes and collar, a current photo (in case your pet becomes lost), water and food container, litter box with litter, toys, emergency contact list, food and water.