Proper Use


Wallet Cards

we recommend use of a black Fine point "Sharpie" brand permanent marker to write your contact information on the back of our emergency contact cards. Please allow a few minutes for the ink to dry before touching or placing in wallet. 

These "Sharpie" brand Fine point markers can be purchased from our store when you purchase your cards if needed.


Rescue Decals - How to Apply

Clean the surface on which you want to place the reflective rescue decal thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or soap and water and allow the surface to completely dry.

Slowly peel the backing from the decal, and slowly lower the decal onto the surface at an angle so only a small area touches the surface first. Once you are satisfied it will be properly located, then slowly allow more of the decal to adhere until it is completely flat on the surface. Then rub softly to smooth with a soft cloth.

The recommended optimum temperature for applying graphics is 70°F. For best results do not apply a rescue decals in extreme hot or cold temperatures. 


Rescue Decals - Placement

The purpose of these decals are to be seen, period. Therefore they must be placed in areas visible from all potential access areas of the structure. This means EVERY exterior entry door should display the rescue decal.

If possible the decals should be visible from the front and rear of the structure so responders would clearly see them while approaching the house or building.

Place the decals at eye level if possible, on glass doors or windows, or even directly on the wood or metal door itself if no storm door is available. 

Decals can also be applied to front or rear upper floor windows if necessary only if they will be remain clearly visible from the exterior. We recommend apartments with a shared common hallway place a decal on the entrance door to the actual apartment along with a second decal on an exterior window that is most visible from the street.